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The only Pole Dance class for men in the country.


You'll be surprised to learn that pole dancing is fast becoming the latest craze in men's fitness. Practicing pole dancing improves your fitness and core strength, while increasing your overall flexibility.


Doing the same old gym routine, exercise class or body pump? Is there a hidden talent in you screaming to get out? Time to update your repertoire...

What is this about?

Pole dancing for men is taking off as it allows us to toss aside our inhibitions, get fit and have a laugh at our own expense. From absolute beginners to those moving upward, you don't have to be an expert or own a pair of hot pants to get the most from these classes.  You'll learn how to dance with confidence, develop core and upper body strength while improving your overall flexibility. It's a great social experience, you'll learn excellent dance moves and great coordination.  It's also a great chance to meet other men and you'll walk away with a
smile on your face.

What can you expect on the day and what is expected of you?

Your instructor will take everyone through a basic warm-up,
then you'll be introduced to the pole through some basic moves. You'll then try some basic spin work combined with a few exotic dance moves. From there more moves are introduced and routines put together before a final cool down.

Your instructor will give you careful advice that will take into account your overall fitness and agility.  All men are welcome from gym beginners to the experienced and there's certainly no pre-requisites to coming.

You'll need to wear shorts and please, no body creams or you'll be sliding off the pole!

When and where?

The classes will be taking place at:

MasterJay Moves Dance Studio 1807 Chestnut Street Phila. PA 215-564-2575

When: Monday and Tuesday 5:15-6:15pm  $15.00 pp

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